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Sierra Leone 4x4 Vehicle Sales


 April 2017 NEW tropical spec. vehicle prices-

Renault (Dacia) Duster 4x4 - CIF FREETOWN $13,390

Toyota Hilux starting - CIF Freetown $26,950 


HIRE PURCHASE POSSIBLE on New & Used vehicles

HP is available for organisation only (subject to acceptance)

- based in EU, USA,Canada,Australia + NZ, SA

payments can be spread up to 5 years

WE Believe in long term relationship.....

buying a vehicle should be simple, with reliable cars and people to work with,

with follow on service support, quality genuine spare parts and all at a fair price.

......to let you get on with the job you are actually doing.


After setting up a successful NGO Charity over a decade ago, we realise just how important reliable vehicles

are for running a project, be it commercial or charitable.  

A lot of money and time can be easily wasted and we want to offer a genuine solution 

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